Case studies

Wflow models for the Meuse and the Rhine river basins

Reliable hydrological models for the Rhine and the Meuse river basin are necessary for short-term forecasting of river flows and long-term predictions for strategic water management planning. In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, Deltares is setting-up a new line of models for the Rhine and the Meuse basins. The models will be used for forecasting and to estimate the impact of climate change on water resources and extreme streamflow. In the model development, we seek to improve hydrological predictions by including relevant processes in the model schematization. The modularity of the Wflow framework is ideal for this as we can easily evaluate the combination of different vertical and lateral model components. For example, the local inertial routing for river and overland flow enables us to consider retention of water in the floodplains, which will likely improve extreme streamflow predictions.