The paper introducing Wflow.jl and describing the wflow_sbm concept, together with some case studies, can be found here:

van Verseveld, W. J., Weerts, A. H., Visser, M., Buitink, J., Imhoff, R. O., Boisgontier, H., Bouaziz, L., Eilander, D., Hegnauer, M., ten Velden, C., and Russell, B., 2022. Wflow_sbm v0.6.1, a spatially distributed hydrologic model: from global data to local applications, Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., in review.

Citing wflow


When using Wflow.jl as part of for example research or project work or teaching please cite our work. Wflow has been published in Zenodo, see the Zenodo badge above, that points to the latest release. The DOIs of previous versions are also available at Zenodo.

If you use a snapshot of the development (without a DOI) please cite as follows:

van Verseveld, Willem, Visser, Martijn, Boisgontier, Hélène, Bootsma, Huite, Bouaziz, Laurène, Buitink, Joost, Eilander, Dirk & Hegnauer, Mark (YEAR). Deltares/Wflow.jl: unstable-master., obtained: DATE_OF_DOWNLOAD.

Publications using wflow


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