iMOD Python

Build large groundwater models with scripts

The iMOD Python package is designed to help you in your MODFLOW groundwater modeling efforts. It makes it easy to go from your raw data to a fully defined MODFLOW model, with the aim to make this process reproducible. Whether you want to build a simple 2D conceptual model, or a complex 3D regional model with millions of cells, iMOD Python scales automatically by making use of dask.

By building on top of popular Python packages like xarray, pandas, rasterio and geopandas, a lot of functionality comes for free.

Currently we support the creation of the following MODFLOW-based models:

Documentation: This documentation includes a section "How do I" which can be used for common data conversions in imod-python or xarray. This section will be regular updated based on the different questions of users.

Source code: