iMOD Coupler

Application for coupling hydrological kernels.

Coupling to MODFLOW 6

Deltares have worked together with the USGS to create the MODFLOW API, based on the Basic Model Interface (BMI) with some extensions. The first version of this functionality became available with the release of MODFLOW 6.2.0. BMI is a set of standard control and query functions that, when added to a model code, make that model both easier to learn and easier to couple with other software elements. Furthermore, the BMI makes it possible to control MODFLOW 6 execution from scripting languages using bindings for the BMI.

We have also developed xmipy, a Python package with bindings for the API, which allow you to run and update (at runtime) a MODFLOW 6 model from Python. This allows coupling MODFLOW 6 to other computational cores. One of its first applications is a coupling of MODFLOW 6 to MetaSWAP, as part of the iMOD Coupler package. Other applications can be found in this paper.

Known Issues

iMOD v5.2 release

The MetaSWAP and Modflow6 libraries provided with iMOD 5.2 for imod_coupler were not statically linked. This could result in the following error:

FileNotFoundError: '''Could not find module "\path\to\MetaSWAP.dll" (or one
of its dependencies). Try using the full path with constructor syntax.'''

This is caused by not having the Intel redistrutable libraries on the system. These can be downloaded from this page. Make sure to choose the correct platform and the version for 'Parallel Studio XE 2020'.