iMOD Python: make massive MODFLOW models#

The imod Python package is an open source project to make working with MODFLOW groundwater models in Python easier. It builds on top of popular packages such as xarray, pandas, geopandas, dask, and rasterio to provide a versatile toolset for working with (large) groundwater (modeling) data:

  • Preparing and modifying data from a variety of GIS, scientific, and MODFLOW file formats;

  • Writing data to MODFLOW-based models;

  • Selecting and evaluating for e.g. time series comparison or water budgets;

  • Visualizing cross sections, time series, or 3D animations.

We currently support the following MODFLOW-based models:

  • USGS MODFLOW 6 (MODFLOW6), structured (DIS) and discretization by vertices (DISV) grids only, and not all advanced stress packages (only LAK and UZF)

  • iMOD-WQ (iMOD-WQ), which integrates SEAWAT (density-dependent groundwater flow) and MT3DMS (multi-species reactive transport calculations)


Development currently focuses on supporting more Modflow 6 functionalities.

This Python package is developed primarily by the Groundwater Management Group at Deltares. It is used together with a broader set of open source tools and standards for reproducible modeling and data analysis:

  • Git: version control of (Python) scripts;

  • DVC: version control of data, on top of Git;

  • netCDF: open standard of a flexible, self describing data format;

  • Snakemake: workflow manager to turn a collection of scripts into a workflow.


Source code: Deltares/imod-python

Issues: Deltares/imod-python#issues