This package aims to make the building process of Wflow models fast, scalable, modular and reproducible by making the best use of current and future methods developped in HydroMT core.

Short-term plans#

Support for additionnal Wflow concepts#

Currently only support for the SBM (kinematic wave / local inertial) and Sediment concepts are available. Work is now carried out to also support:

Connection to Delft-FEWS#

New functios are being implemented in order to be able to directly export and run a Wflow model into a Delft-FEWS configuration. See

Projected Wflow models#

Wflow models can currently only be built in the global EPSG:4326 CRS. Additionnal developments are needed to also be able to build models in other (projected) CRS. See

Better data processing workflow#

There are a lot of ideas on how to improve the current Wflow methods to improve processing of different types of data (gauges, lakes, reservoirs, forcing…). These ideas are listed in the issue board of HydroMT-Wflow and you can also add your own ideas there as well using the {bdg-info}`enhancement` badge when creating your issue.