Developer’s environment#

If you want to download the HydroMT-Wflow plugin directly from git to easily have access to the latest developments or make changes to the code you can use the following steps.

First, clone the HydroMT-Wflow plugin git repo from github, then navigate into the the code folder (where the envs folder and pyproject.toml are located):

$ git clone
$ cd hydromt_wflow

Then, make and activate a new hydromt-wflow conda environment based on the envs/hydromt-wflow.yml file contained in the repository:

$ conda env create -f envs/hydromt-wflow.yml
$ conda activate hydromt-wflow

If you wish to make changes in HydroMT-Wflow, you should make an editable install of the plugin. This is possible using the flit install command.

For Windows:

$ flit install --pth-file

For Linux:

$ flit install -s