What’s new

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this page.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • Possibility to write_forcing in several files based on time frequency (fn_freq argument).

  • setup_hydrodem method for hydrological conditioned elevation used with “local-inertial” routing

  • workflow.river.river_bathymetry method to derive river width and depth estimates. Note that the new river width estimates are different and result in different model results.

  • moved basemaps workflows (hydrography and topography) from hydromt core.


  • Moved interpolate_na function to be done only on output dataset (i.e. on the model resolution), rather then on the original data resolution. This change will generate small differences in the parameter values, but (largely) improve memory usage.


  • Calculation of lake_b parameter in setup_lakes.


  • setup_riverwidth method deprecated (will be removed in future versions) in favour of setup_rivers.

  • setup_rivers takes an additional river_geom_fn argument with a river segment geometry file to calculate river width and depth from its attributes

v0.1.3 (4 October 2021)

This release adds pyflwdir v0.5 compatibility and a data_catalog of the used data to the write_method.


  • write data_catalog with the used data when writing model

  • tests on staticmaps dtype


  • TOML files only contains reservoir/lake/glacier lines when they are setup and present in the model region.


  • pyflwdir v0.5 compatibility: changes from stream order bugfix and improved river slope

  • Fixed docs with rtd v1.0

  • Wrong dtype for wflow_gauges

  • Removed unnecessary glacier/lake/reservoir lines from the TOML, fixes a bug if missing glacier

v0.1.2 (1 September 2021)

This release implements the new results attributes for Wflow.


  • Add results attributes for wflow and read_results method (including test+example).

  • Add f_ parameter in soilgrids

  • Support soilgrids version 2020

  • Setup_areamap component to prepare maps of areas of interest to save wflow outputs at.

  • Support wflow_sediment with vito landuse.

  • New utils.py script for low_level wflow methods.


  • wfow_sbm.toml remove netcdf output.

  • wflow_soil map is now based on soil texture calculated directly from soilgrids data

  • test cases change toml and wflow_soil.map

  • wflow_sbm.toml now includes links to staticmaps of glacier parameters and outstate of glacierstore is added.


  • Fix f parameter in soilgrids

  • Full reading and writing of wflow filepaths depending on the toml file (including subfolders).

  • The wflow_gauges now contains river outlets only (instead of all outlets).


  • Added wflow_plot_results example.

  • Fixed staticmaps_to_mapstack example.

v0.1.1 (21 May 2021)

This release adds more functionnality for saving forcing data for wflow and fixes several bugs for some parameter values and soilgrids workflow.


  • Write the forcing with user defined chunking on time (default is 1) and none on the lat/lon dimensions (makes Wflow.jl run much faster).

  • Rounding of the forcing data with user defined number of decimals (by default 2).

  • Progress bar when writing the forcing file.


  • Remove unused imports.


  • Fixed a mistake in the computation of the lake_b parameter for wflow.

  • Missing no data values for soilgrids workflows.

  • Streamorder reclass function for Manning roughness.

  • New behavior of apply_ufunc from an update of xarray for passing attributes (need to specify keep_attrs=True).


  • Added changelog.


  • Tests without hydroengine for the reservoirs (too long).

v0.1.0 (28 April 2021)

Initial open source release of hydroMT wflow plugin, also published on pypi. Noticeable changes are listed below.


  • Minimum hydroMT plugin template in the plugin-boilerplate branch.

  • Default filename for the forcing file created by hydromt (when the one in config already exists).


  • Implement new get_basin_geometry from hydromt core.

  • Consistent setup functions arguments for data sources (‘_fn’).

  • Rename hydrom_merit source to merit_hydro (updated version of data-artifacts).


  • Bugs using the clip functions


  • Initial version of the documentation on github-pages.

  • Latest and stable version of the documentation.

  • Setup Binder environment.

  • Add examples notebooks for the documentation.


  • Initial tests for wflow and wflow_sediment.