User guide#

With the Hydromt-Wflow plugin, users can easily benefit from the rich set of tools of the HydroMT package to build and update Wflow models from available global and local data.

This plugin assists the Wflow modeller in:

  • Quickly setting up a base Wflow model and default parameter values

  • Making maximum use of the best available global or local data

  • Adjusting and updating components of a Wflow model and their associated parameters in a consistent way

  • Clipping existing Wflow models for a smaller extent

  • Analysing Wflow model outputs

Two Wflow Model classes are currently available:

  • wflow (WflowModel): class for the wflow_sbm + kinematic and wflow_sbm + local inertial concepts

  • wflow_sediment (WflowSedimentModel): class for the wflow_sediment concept