xugrid.burn_vector_geometry(gdf: geopandas.GeoDataframe, like: 'xugrid.Ugrid2d' | 'xugrid.UgridDataArray' | 'xugrid.UgridDataset', column: str | None = None, fill: int | float = nan, all_touched: bool = False) None[source]#

Burn vector geometries (points, lines, polygons) into a Ugrid2d mesh.

If no column argument is provided, a value of 1.0 will be burned in to the mesh.

  • gdf (geopandas.GeoDataFrame) – Polygons, points, and/or lines to be burned into the grid.

  • like (UgridDataArray, UgridDataset, or Ugrid2d) – Grid to burn the vector data into.

  • column (str, optional) – Name of the geodataframe column of which to the values to burn into grid.

  • fill (int, float, optional, default value np.nan.) – Fill value for nodata areas.

  • all_touched (bool, optional, default value False.) – All mesh faces (cells) touched by polygons will be updated, not just those whose center point is within the polygon.



Return type: