HydroMT-FIAT: Automated and reproducible Delft-FIAT model building#

With the HydroMT-FIAT plugin, users can easily benefit from the rich set of tools of the HydroMT package to build and update Delft-FIAT models from available global and local data.

This plugin assists the FIAT modeller in:

  • Quickly setting up a Delft-FIAT model based on existing hazard maps, global and user-input exposure layers, and global, US national, or user-input vulnerability curves.

  • Creating a Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) based on US Census or user-input data.

  • Adjusting and updating components of a Delft-FIAT model and their associated parameters in a consistent way.

The HydroMT-FIAT plugin aims to make the FIAT model building process fast, modular, and reproducible by configuring the model building process from single yml file.

For detailed information on HydroMT itself, you can visit the core documentation.

Note: This repository is under development, the documentation is not yet complete...


Getting Started

User Guide

Technical documentation


To contribute to HydroMT and the plugin plugin, please follow the HydroMT contribution guidelines.


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