What is it?#

Deltaforge is an installer of selected Deltares python packages and their dependencies. This makes the process of installing for example iMOD Python or HydroMT significantly easier.



Windows will throw warnings to users when using unsigned installers, and, with stricter security settings, might not even allow installations.

What’s included?#

Deltares packages currently included are:

Important non-Deltares packages included in Deltaforge are:


Experience has shown that these packages can be difficult to install for new users, because it requires:

  1. Using a shell

  2. Knowledge of conda / mamba

  3. Installing a lot of dependencies, where something breaks every now and then

  4. Installing python packages without access to conda-forge or PyPi is cumbersome. Some computational servers have no direct internet connection.

The Deltaforge installer aids new users by installing a conda base environment with all the required Python packages installed. These packages are contained in the executable. The installer thus helps circumventing the four issues mentioned above.


This repository is heavily inspired by, and uses slightly modified scripts from, miniforge/mambaforge. For a much leaner setup, check out their project.