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HYDROLIB is a Python package that is being developed collaboratively, with tools for preprocessing, postprocessing and analysis of hydrodynamical data and simulation results dedicated towards the automation of workflows for hydrological and hydrodynamic modelling. Currently it is focused on (but not restricted to) Delft3D FM (D-HYDRO Suite in Dutch) software for hydrodynamical simulations. HYDROLIB builds upon the basic Delft3D FM I/O functionality provided by the HYDROLIB-core package. HYDROLIB-core is distributed under the MIT License. HYDROLIB is distributed under the LGPL 3.0 license.


HYDROLIB consist of the following tools:

D-HyDAMO modelgenerator from HyDAMO format
Profile Optimizer optimizer of 1D profiles
Inundation toolbox toolbox for inundation characteristics
Case Management tools tools to manage and run cases
ARCADIS tools pre- and postprocessing tools
HydroMT-Delft3D FM data-adaptor and modelbuilder from global and local data

More information

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