iMOD Coupler#

Coupling to MODFLOW 6#

Deltares have worked together with the USGS to create the MODFLOW API , based on the Basic Model Interface (BMI) with some extensions. The first version of this functionality became available with the release of MODFLOW 6.2.0. BMI is a set of standard control and query functions that, when added to a model code, make that model both easier to learn and easier to couple with other software elements. Furthermore, the BMI makes it possible to control MODFLOW 6 execution from scripting languages using bindings for the BMI.

We have also developed xmipy, a Python package with bindings for the API, which allow you to run and update (at runtime) a MODFLOW 6 model from Python. This allows coupling MODFLOW 6 to other computational cores. One of its first applications is a coupling of MODFLOW 6 to MetaSWAP, as part of the iMOD Coupler package. Other applications can be found in this paper.

Source Code#

The developments on xmipy can be found on: Deltares/xmipy

The example of imod_coupler with the coupling between MODFLOW 6 and the unsaturated zone model MetaSWAP can be found on: Deltares/imod_coupler