User install

The hydromt_sfincs plugin is currently only available from PyPi. We are working on a release from conda-forge.

If you haven’t installed the hydroMT core package we recommend installing it from conda-forge to get all dependencies and then install the plugin.

To install hydromt package from conda-forge do:

conda install hydromt -c conda-forge

To install hydromt_sfincs from pypi do: Note: make sure this is installed in the same environment as hydromt.

pip install hydromt_sfincs

Or to get the latest (unpublished) version from github do:

pip install git+

The hydroMT core and sfincs plugin can be easily installed together in a single hydromt-sfincs environment using the environment.yml file in the repository binder folder. This environment includes some packages that are required to run the example notebooks.

conda env create -f binder/environment.yml
conda activate hydromt-sfincs
pip install hydromt_sfincs

Developper install

If you want to download the sfincs plugin directly from git to easily have access to the latest developments or make changes to the code you can use the following steps.

First, clone hydromt’s sfincs plugin git repo from github, then navigate into the the code folder (where the envs folder and pyproject.toml are located):

$ git clone
$ cd hydromt_sfincs

Then, make and activate a new hydromt-sfincs conda environment based on the envs/hydromt-sfincs.yml file contained in the repository:

$ conda env create -f envs/hydromt-sfincs.yml
$ conda activate hydromt-sfincs

Finally, build and install an editable version of hydromt_sfincs using flit.

For Windows:

$ flit install --pth-file

For Linux:

$ flit install -s

For more information about how to contribute, see HydroMT contributing guidelines.