SfincsModel.setup_topobathy(topobathy_fn, res=100, crs='utm', reproj_method='bilinear')[source]

Setup model grid and interpolate topobathy (dep) data to this grid.

NOTE: This method should be called after setup_region but before any other model component.

The input topobathy dataset is reprojected to the model projected crs and resolution res using reproj_method interpolation.

Adds model layers:

  • dep map: combined elevation/bathymetry [m+ref]

  • topobathy_fn (str) – Path or data source name for topobathy raster data.

  • res (float) – Model resolution [m], by default 100 m. If None, the basemaps res is used.

  • crs (str, int, optional) – Model Coordinate Reference System (CRS) as epsg code. By default ‘utm’ in which case the region centroid UTM zone is used. If None, the basemaps CRS is used. This must be a projected CRS.

  • reproj_method (str, optional) – Method used to reproject topobathy data, by default ‘bilinear’