SfincsModel.setup_structures(structures_fn, stype, dz=None, overwrite=False, **kwargs)[source]

Setup thin dam or weir structures.

Adds model layer (depending on stype):

  • thd geom: thin dam

  • weir geom: weir / levee

  • structures_fn (str, Path) – Path to structure line geometry file. The “name” (for thd and weir), “z” and “par1” (for weir only) are optional. For weirs: dz must be provided if gdf has no “z” column or Z LineString; “par1” defaults to 0.6 if gdf has no “par1” column.

  • stype ({'thd', 'weir'}) – Structure type.

  • overwrite (bool, optional) – If True, overwrite existing ‘stype’ structures instead of appending the new structures.

  • dz (float, optional) – If provided, for weir structures the z value is calculated from the model elevation (dep) plus dz.