SfincsModel.setup_h_forcing(geodataset_fn=None, timeseries_fn=None, offset_fn=None, buffer=5000.0, **kwargs)[source]

Setup waterlevel boundary point locations (bnd) and time series (bzs).

Use geodataset_fn to set the waterlevel boundary from a dataset of point location timeseries. The dataset is clipped to the model region plus buffer [m], and model time based on the model config tstart and tstop entries.

Use timeseries_fn in combination with geodataset_fn=None to set a spatially uniform waterlevel for all waterlevel boundary cells (msk==2),

If timeseries_fn and geodataset_fn are both not provided a dummy (h=0) waterlevel boundary is set.

The vertical reference of the waterlevel data can be corrected to match the vertical reference of the model elevation (dep) layer by adding a local offset value derived from the offset_fn map to the waterlevels, e.g. mean dynamic topography for difference between EGM and MSL levels.

Adds model layers:

  • bnd geom: waterlevel gauge point locations

  • bzs forcing: waterlevel time series [m+ref]

  • geodataset_fn (str, Path) –

    Path or data source name for geospatial point timeseries file. This can either be a netcdf file with geospatial coordinates or a combined point location file with a timeseries_fn data csv file.

    • Required variables if netcdf: [‘waterlevel’]

    • Required coordinates if netcdf: [‘time’, ‘index’, ‘y’, ‘x’]

  • timeseries_fn (str, Path) – Path to spatially uniform timeseries csv file with time index in first column and waterlevels in the second column. The first row is interpreted as header, see hydromt.open_timeseries_from_table(), for details. NOTE: tabulated timeseries files can only in combination with point location coordinates be set as a geodataset in the data_catalog yml file.

  • offset_fn (str, optional) –

    Path or data source name for gridded offset between vertical reference of elevation and waterlevel data, Adds to the waterlevel data before merging.

    • Required variables: [‘mdt’]

  • buffer (float, optional) – Buffer [m] around model water level boundary cells to select waterlevel gauges, by default 5 km.