River flow

The Table below shows the parameters (fields) of struct ShallowWaterRiver, including a description of these parameters, the unit, and default value if applicable. The parameters in bold represent model parameters that can be set through static input data (netCDF), and can be listed in the TOML configuration file under [input.lateral.river], to map the internal model parameter to the external netCDF variable. The parameter river bed elevation zb is based on the bankfull elevation and depth input data:

bankfull_elevation = "RiverZ"
bankfull_depth = "RiverDepth"
mannings_nManning's roughness at edge/links m$^{-\frac{1}{3}}$0.036
widthriver widthm-
zbriver bed elevationm-
lengthriver lengthm-
nnumber of cells--
nenumber of edges/links--
gacceleration due to gravitym s$^{-2}$-
αstability coefficient (Bates et al., 2010)--
h_threshdepth threshold for calculating flowm-
Δtmodel time steps-
qriver discharge (subgrid channel)m$^3$ s$^{-1}$-
q_avaverage river discharge (subgrid channel)m$^3$ s$^{-1}$-
zb_maxmaximum channel bed elevationm-
hwater depthm-
η_maxmaximum water elevationm-
hfwater depth at edge/linkm-
h_avaverage water depthm-
length_at_linkriver length at edge/linkm-
width_at_linkriver width at edge/linkm-
aflow area at edge/linkm$^2$-
rwetted perimeter at edge/linkm-
volumeriver volumem$^3$-
errorerror volumem$^3$-
inwaterlateral inflowm$^3$ s$^{-1}$-
inflowexternal inflow (abstraction/supply/demand)m$^3$ s$^{-1}$0.0
bankfull_volumebankfull volumem$^3$-
bankfull_depthbankfull depthm-
froude_limitif true a check is performed if froude number > 1.0 (algorithm is modified)--
reservoir_indexmap cell to 0 (no reservoir) or i (pick reservoir i in reservoir field)--
lake_indexmap cell to 0 (no lake) or i (pick lake i in lake field)--
reservoiran array of reservoir models SimpleReservoir--
lakean array of lake models NaturalLake--